Online Video Predictions for 2009

1) Online video ad spending will increase by nearly 50% in 2009, this will lead to more professional content on youtube, I think particularly in the area of comedy, but also for niche areas like travel. Youtube will remain king, but other sites could fragment the market, as business seeks out more professional content.

2) Small business will embrace online video. Remember when it was hard to convince a business they needed a website ( I do) now every business has a website! Because youtube videos do so well in google search, business will realize online video is a cheap marketing option.
Already, DIY video ad solutions are appearing

3) Video Aggregation Sites, or more likely services, will develop that will help people find video content, related to their interests. There could even be a move away from destination sites like youtube, in the form of social networking sites that just embed content of a particular type.

4) Clever producers will copy television techniques by organizing lucrative product placement and sponsorship deals in their programs. Six figure income earners on youtube are already doing this

5) Hulu (not available in Australia) has shown that people will watch tv length content sourced online, this along with 3G mobile phones becoming more popular, along with new digital television channels, will mean good niche content will be much sought after.
Online video programs will provide business, willing to pay for production, a cost effective marketing strategy that will not only put them in contact with niche social groups (eg car enthusiasts) but also expose their products/services to a global market, when the $AUD represents good value against other currencies.

Article by Mark Shea of Overlander Multimedia. Mark is a video producer and trainer and specializes in documentary and travel/tourism related content.

4 thoughts on “Online Video Predictions for 2009

  1. Enoyed your post and bookmarked you for future reading.. Thinking of adding some of your content to my website ZestforMarketing

  2. Absolutely right.
    People are shifting the entire business promotion through online video presentation. We know that tourism movies and videos are gaining strength even at ITB Berlin Germany.
    Movie tourism is the new trent.

  3. This is very up-to-date information. I’ll share it on Delicious.

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