Online Tourism Marketing using Video and Mapping has been working on an interesting online tourism marketing campaign, which encompasses the use of both short video vignettes and a location map marking out regional attractions.

Grampians Tourism wanted to highlight visitor activities within their region, by populating a map with 30 second teaser videos.

To measure the effectiveness of these short videos, a ‘call to action’ web link was used to provide further information, pointing people towards the website.

Each video also ends with branding so as to maximize exposure to the Grampians Tourism website.

Online Tools used to accomplish this project

Videos were loaded to where they could be syndicated across various online video channels.

The videos featured on the map, and thus promoted the most, are from the world’s largest video website, Youtube.

Youtube is part of the google stable, which means, with the clever use of keywords, can place videos high in google search. provided a mapping solution that allowed markers to be placed at various locations and provide video, text and further external web link information.

On completion of this project, a regional map of the Grampians will be populated with 30+ short videos featuring a diverse range of activities from horse riding to rock climbing, wine tasting to family camping.

Grampians Tourism will further promote their video map on social networking sites such as facebook, twitter and myspace. This will also improve search engine optimization for this campaign.

The beauty of this marketing campaign is that Grampians Tourism can measure the effectiveness of each video, from both the internal and external visitor site statistics for their website.


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