New Zealand 2018, The O.G. Travel Vlogger back on the road!

Hi all! Getting close to Christmas and I hope you all have a wonderful break and chance to assess the year that has gone, and plan for the new one.

I’ve been going through the archives and adding some of my older projects to the shop

Some of these projects date back to the mid 1990’s, so they are really just historical records now of a time long past, but it has been a fascinating process to sift through and archive 20 years of travel.

Speaking of travel, the old van I was doing up is rooted! And instead of continuing to throw energy into a money pit of unfulfilled ambition, I’ve decided to hit the road again, traveling to New Zealand in the new year!

In a time when camera technology is moving so fast it is hard to keep up, I’ve decided to take a minimalist approach. For those interested in gear, here is a one minute video showing my current photography/filmmaking travel kit, with one change – I will now just be using a cut off broom stick/bolt handgrip instead of the 2nd tripod mentioned in the video (see photo below video)

As many of you would be aware I have moved away from vlogging this year and have been experimenting with screening my latest film in cinemas. The way I have managed to continue making films for 20 years is by trying to stay ahead of the pack and explore new ways of making money as a filmmaker. The youtube travel space has become so crowded in recent years, that videos are even being made that parody the copy cat styles.

My advice to aspiring travel filmmakers is develop your own niche, like what I recently did with adventure motorcycle riding. And whatever you do, don’t copy trending filmmakers. It is so obvious to your viewers when you copy the style of a popular vlogger. Sure enough steal some of their stylistic methods, but find a way to incorporate it into your personal narrative.

For my trip to New Zealand I will be concentrating on making marketing videos for tourism business. This is what I want to do for a while, use my skills and knowledge to help business use video in their online marketing.

There has been one huge disappointment this year, which has sent me down a rabbit hole of research into a terrifying new phenomenon that is happening all over the Western World. Earlier this year I attended Australia’s largest Documentary Conference and was shocked to the core that the keynote speech was given by a Muslim Activist telling the audience we all had white privilege and unconscious bias and that because of this, quotas must be set up to ensure white men are excluded from certain funding!

I don’t want to talk to much about it now, but was angered enough by the emergence of identity politics that I wrote an article expressing my views

So there has been one wrong road I have taken this year, applying for funding from Australia’s screen funding bodies and public broadcasters. I have realised that they have become nothing more than propaganda machines for postmodernism and cultural marxism. I foolishly put two fantastic pearls before the swine – a doco idea of Cuba’s move from socialism to capitalism, and a story on the last indigenous tribes of Borneo being moved off their hunting grounds and into towns. I joked with a media personality recently that if I wanted to make a doco about Muslim Drag Queens, the state apparatchiks would be all over it. The sad parody of that comment was that the very week I said it, I discovered such a program was actually being screened!

But enough talk about tv stations and films that no one watches, the one great lesson for me about 2017 is that it is now possible for any filmmaker to use the internet and word of mouth, to find their own audience. I’d like to thank each and every person who bought my films online and/or attended my screenings. It has been one of the highlights of my career to see the effect my films have on people in person.

So have a great Christmas and holiday season, to you and yours, and to finish off, a little video featuring archival footage from another more liberal time, including imagery from Rio’s 1994 Carnival. Stay Real!

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