New Book by Camino Filmmaker Mark Shea

Interesting how things turn out. Last year I put together a photo book with the help of some designer friends. It was mainly just done as a way to value add to my motorcycle film and give Christmas gift buyers something physical they could give to their love ones. Anyway a mate knows a guy in the book industry down here in Tassie and suggested I should meet with him just to get a bit of an idea on how to market my book and possibly release it in book stores.

I didn’t expect much to come of this meeting, but to my surprise, this book agent, with 40 years experience, believes I have a bit of a knack at writing. I told him I wanted to walk the Northern Camino later this year and that I had a book idea I wanted to explore during this trip.

To my surprise, he wants to present this idea to the 3 biggest publishers in Australia and see if he can get me a book deal. Which is kind of unheard of for an unpublished author!

So we are in the process of presenting the book idea, and as I’ve spent a lot of my life making videos, I thought I would record some of my writing to see how it rolls off the tongue, and make a little video.

I don’t expect this transition from filmmaker to writer to be an easy journey. It will be a constant daily slog of reading great authors and devising my own style.

I do hope some of the people that have followed my films over the years can join me on this journey. I think any great art requires one to speak honestly from the heart. And as much as I feel vulnerable doing so, this is a path I wish to explore.

Love to hear your thoughts below

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5 thoughts on “New Book by Camino Filmmaker Mark Shea

  1. Hi Mark
    Best of luck with this new venture, i look forward to reading you work.
    Like you i have spent my life avoiding the normal path, to try and cut my own route through the jungle of life.
    Best wishes
    Steve Des landes

  2. Thanks Steve

  3. Mark, mORE often than not a little magic comes out in your videos THAT’S a STRIKE of genius.

    I’M not surprised at all of this opportunity and eagerly await the JOURNEY ahead.

    You have always spoken FROM the HEART and with wit and interlect.

    I Like the receipe.

  4. Thanks Duff

  5. The universe is calling, follow your heart. There is no such thing as the wrong path as you mentioned in your video. Best wishes.

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