New Australian Travel Project

As many of you would know, I have been involved in travel video production for quite a while. I recently took a trip to New Zealand to test a new concept I’ve devised called Top 5 Tour – handpicked location guides that provide tourists with succinct, honest information about the best place to eat, drink, stay, shop and the best tour to do. Below I explain more and here are some video examples..

While in New Zealand I had my first experience of bike-packing, and enjoyed it so much, decided to take my bike with me on a trip to Tahiti.

It was an amazing travel experience, opening up a whole new way of travel.

In the spirit of such minimalist travel, I’ve decided to do this trip around Australia, exploring the best tourism business at each location I visit, in a homemade ute camper!

This means that along the way I can head into the bush, camping out or down to the shore to cast a line and catch a fresh meal. A little bit of slow travel blended in with the hectic pace of producing 5 stories per destination.

Unlike in New Zealand I will be crafting the location guides and interviews into a travel series, that will also explore the joys of slow independent travel . 

Before I set off I wanted to make a little Vanlife/truckcamper spoof for my Aussie version, the Mullet. Hope you enjoy it, particularly those who grew up in the 80’s and remember the Mullet Haircut!

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