My Life Story Video Concept- Legacy Videos for our Elders

Hello my name is Mark Shea. I’ve been a filmmaker for 20 years having done documentaries for the ABC and
interviewed people all around the world. In my new venture I wish to use these skills to produce my life story the ultimate gift for your elders, a way to remember their legacy and to pass it on to future generations. My life story is a half-hour audio visual record documenting your loved ones lives, their
childhood, their family life, their work life. Any lessons they wish to pass on questions can be added by family members such as grandchildren and, like a television documentary, historical photos
and videos can be intertwined into the interview storyline. Shorter edits can be
made available for birthdays or anniversary celebrations. For the first time in history, digital technology allows your parent’s lives to be remembered for generations to come. Don’t leave it too late, contact me now to organize the ultimate gift

My life story half hour video
Includes pre-interview planning, in home interview, scanning of photos,*videos and editing into a concise half hour documentary –
*old video format conversion will incur additional costs

Additional shorter edits for special occasions
5 minute life feature
2 minute life feature

For more information, send me an email

On Sunday night’s 6 till 8pm (Eastern Standard Time) I am doing an interview show on community radio, fine tuning the ‘My Life Story’ concept. Tune in to Yamba TLCFM 100.3 or stream the program here

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