Motorcycle Tour around Western Australia – New Adventure!

Just a short video about what I have planned for 2015. Looking at traveling around Western Australia on motorcycle.

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3 thoughts on “Motorcycle Tour around Western Australia – New Adventure!

  1. Mark! This is great. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of YOU on camera. Looking forward to your 2015 journeys!

  2. Cheers Peter ( that means thanks in Australian 🙂 A filmmaker once told me in a summer school class that the only rule of good filmmaking is ‘make life hard for thy protagonist’ If this is the case, I’m sure there will be a few bike problems that will get me in front of the camera!

    Boy hasn’t youtube changed, really become the cult of personality now! Some of these festivals…it’s like tween beatlemania!

  3. Great plans,looking forward to see more of Australia.I wouldn’t mind aswell,seeing you more often in the videos,gives the whole thing a personal,sympathetic character.And,if you feel that something has comedy potential,please don’t hold it back,I just couldn’t stop laughing at your Guatemala Luxery Hotel Comedy Spoof video.Thank you for that one!

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