Melbourne Eats – Exploring Melbourne’s Food Culture

Mark Shea has been producing videos for over 15 years. His youtube channel is Australia’s most subscribed and most viewed travel channel with near 14 million views and near 22,000 subscribers.

For the last two years he has been on the road producing videos from around Asia and Central America. A lot of his videos explore the food of the countries he visits.

He believes the success of his online videos is the result of his ‘Meet a Local’ concept whereby he interviews local people about their areas of expertise.

On returning to Melbourne he saw an opportunity to promote Melbourne’s food culture. There are 70 different cultural cuisines in Melbourne, and Mark would like to make a video to represent each one! Melbourne Eats will not be a food review program, but more an exploration of the Melbourne’s diverse cultures and cuisines.

Video has been found to be the best online marketing (google study) and Mark has produced successful business profile videos for tourism operators like restaurants and bars around the world.

Melbourne is renowned around the world for it’s food culture and as yet this unique selling point has not been featured in online video.

Melbourne Eats wishes to change that!”

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