Manila Ladyboy TrouserSnake DeathGrip, How to escape the

While staying in the Malate area of Manila, the gay and cheap accommodation precinct, I was confronted by a ladyboy late one night. They tried the old ‘Manila Ladyboy TrouserSnake DeathGrip’ move on me to try and extort money, after I refused a free blow job. I explain the technique I used to break free of this dastedly but extremely effective martial arts move.

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Mark Shea is a video producer and trainer and specializes in documentary and travel/tourism related content. His youtube channel is one of youtube’s most successful travel partner channels.
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  1. Dan Horne says:

    I can’t stop laughing. Mark, if you get this please contact me. I’ve been trying for months to get in touch with you but haven’t been successful in doing so. Hope all is well my friend. Best regards and safe travels.

  2. Hi Dan, you can contact me via here, my site, I will get the email. Good to hear from you

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