Make a video about where you live – Fave Four in your Home Town

For all the big decisions in life, I don’t think one is ever prepared. I think it is a matter of learning as you go.

Two months into my round the world trip it is time to assess how things are going, particularly regarding the making money on the road goal.

I’ve been reading a few books and exploring a few ideas, and one thing I would like to do is pass on my knowledge of video production on to others.

So I put out a call to all my subscribers and any one else interested, to make a video featuring the top four things to do in your home town.

Let’s make this easy and old school, no need for fancy editing, just edit in camera, with camera phone, webcam, whatever.

Try and keep the video under 2 minutes, which means 30 secs for each segment.

Imagine you are showing a visitor the highlights of where you live, your fave four things.

Load your video to your youtube channel, title it ‘Fave Four in (your town)’ and in two weeks time (Tues. 18 Oct) I will feature the best videos on my ‘overlander’ channel.

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