Macro – Flowers and Butterflies

One joy of traveling is photographing things you’ve never seen before. I particularly enjoy the mindset of macro photography. To just be in the moment and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Below are a collection of macro photos I took on my year long journey around Asia featuring flower and insects

balinese fields
yellow temple – cambodia
blue in borneo
color in china
massive in sabah
dreamy in tibet
takeoff in kalimantan
secret garden in chengdu
call in the troops, sichuan
disco bee in china

Which photo is your favourite, comment below.

All images taken with a Canon SX230HS
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4 thoughts on “Macro – Flowers and Butterflies

  1. The Balinese flower. because it brings back so many memories for me and it is a beautiful photo.

  2. Great shots mate! My fav is the massive in sabah. I like how you’ve captured these macro shots from a variety of different perspectives.

  3. The shot of that huge beetle in Sabah is wild! That thing is half-jaws.

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