Life in Cuba, food shortages, low wages and exiled family members

I met Alex at a Havana Pizza place. He spoke English and was keen to practise with me. I interviewed him about the realities of life in Cuba. We talk about the food shortages, the low wages and the fact that many Cuban’s have family members they have not seen for decades, living in America.

The video features shots around Havana, capturing street life, the majestic historic buildings and the ancient American cars from the 40’s and 50’s

Music – Kevin MacLeod – Laid Back Guitars

3 thoughts on “Life in Cuba, food shortages, low wages and exiled family members

  1. Hi Mark
    I would like to congratulate you for your amazing tour videos.
    I’m making some plans to visit Havana, such an amazing city, love hearted people, very open human beings, apart of all the daily life problems, they have.
    Alex, it seems to be a very decent person, with moral values, that’s amazing. As I said, we have some plans, to go to Havana, we would like to have someone, who we can trust, to be our guide trough the city, in what street we can find Alex ?
    I appreciate, if you could answer back my email, thanks.


  2. Hi Luke

    Alex is living in Miami now

  3. Hi Luke

    Alex lives in Miami now

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