Learning to sail

Life has an interesting way of throwing you some interesting choices and challenges.

Tomorrow I set sail for San Pedro on a 44 Beneteau yacht called the Scipionne, named after Scipio Africanus, a Roman Commander best known for defeating Hannibal.

But, I also have to keep my eye open on my email inbox to see if I win a tender to produce 325 tourism videos for Queensland Tourism starting April 1st.

It never rains but it pours! Either way, life is good!



3 thoughts on “Learning to sail

  1. 325 videos?!! WOW! Well, I’m happy for you mate. Sounds like if you land that account it will be a pain…but a good pain. Hey, I voted for you on that Destination thingy….at least I think I did….I voted for you and all of a sudden the page disappeared and I haven’t been able to get back to it. If you win the Destination contest AND land the Queensland Tourism gig will that be a problem? I’m hoping all the best for you my friend. Good luck and be safe in your travels Mark. And of course one more thing…Go, Collingwood!

  2. I’ve always got a plan B Dan 🙂

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