Korean BBQ – No Carb Caveman Weight Loss Diet

Cook-it-yourself Korean BBQ is my favourite aspect of Korean Cuisine. Samuel Jeffery of http://www.nomadicsamuel.com and I share a BBQ and explain how it follows the no carbs Paleolithic or Caveman diet, that is encompassing foods similar to that of what cavemen ate before humans started farming. The Caveman diet doesn’t include grains and is suppose to be good for those with food allergies and those wishing to lose weight. The theory is having no carbohydrates in your diet encourages weight loss.
With a Korean BBQ you pay for a plate of meat, cook it yourself and all the extras, like lettuce leaves, garlic, ssamjang sauce, onion, bean sprouts, cucumber salad, chilli and kimchi can be replaced if needed at no extra cost.

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