Kakadu and Pt. Stuart, Australian Travel Video Guide

Between Darwin and Kakadu National Park is the Point Stuart Wilderness Lodge. They put on a great Aboriginal Culture Show of a night, around the camp fire, and of a morning introduce guests to bush tucker and natural medicines on a walking tour of the surrounding bushland. They also do a boat tour of the Mary River where you are almost guaranteed the chance to see crocodiles. To film in Kakadu National Park, one must pay for a permit. The management lob all commercial filming in the same basket. I donĂ¢??t think this is terribly fair, or supportive of independent Aussie filmmakers. For self funded filmmakers, hoping to make commercially viable projects, surely National Parks could defer payment, or reduce fees, to encourage independent productions that promote Australia! The slick million dollar taxpayer funded tourism ad campaigns are not the only way to promote our wonderful country. With the advent of online video, Australian citizens should be allowed to film in their National Parks and feature their work online, without fear of fines or imprisonment. As long as they are respectful to Aboriginal cultural sites.

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