Japanese Toilets, High Tech bum washers

I just had to make a video about Japanese toilets. The are high tech masterpieces that keep your bum warm, make special noises, wash your botty and can spray air freshener. I discreetly show viewers how they work and how to avoid injury. “Captain, we’re taking water!”

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2 thoughts on “Japanese Toilets, High Tech bum washers

  1. Hi Mark,
    it’s Veronique and Aurelien from the CS meeting in Kyoto.
    Watched your videos with lots of pleasure and laughter. (nothing on the geisha?)

    Ah, those japanese toilets will sort of miss us…

    It was a pleasure meeting you.
    Have a nice trip

  2. Hi Veronique and Aurelien, Thanks for the comment, The Geisha video may not get edited for a few weeks, currently in South Korea, so on the road for the next couple of weeks

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