Japanese Knives, World’s Best Tested and Reviewed, Osaka

Japan makes the best kitchen knives in the world and Osaka is the capital of knife making in Japan. I visit Tower Knives in Osaka where owner Bjorn allows me to test various knives of differing quality and price.

More information about about Tower Knives visit http://www.towerknives.com

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One Response to Japanese Knives, World’s Best Tested and Reviewed, Osaka

  1. Dale Sniffen says:

    Hi Bjorne my name is Dale Sniffen I’m a American free lance chef based in Perth Western Australia check out my web site do you sell knifes in Australia? I’m on Japan at he moment learning “Ramon” and japanese knife skills could you send me a sample knife for me to test and make comments on the product
    Regards Chef Dale Sniffen

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