Indee Station Cattle Muster – Ep 33 Motorcycle Journey

Ok, I go on a bit of a rant at the end of this one!
When the parts think they are bigger than the whole!
My take on the insidious ideology of diversity and inclusion.
To beat racism we must concentrate not on our differences, but our similarities.

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1 thought on “Indee Station Cattle Muster – Ep 33 Motorcycle Journey

  1. Australia is quickly forgetting, or indeed losing the capacity to ‘make things’.
    As a nation, we made things and grew things along with the rest of the world to create wealth. As conscientious parents, we educated our children more and more as each generation moved up. (This is a condensed version…)
    What we now have as a result of over-educated, university graduated children, is a generation who make nothing other than policies. There’s no more rough-and-tumble, dog-eat-dog competition in life. Every child gets a trophy whether they win or lose and the unfortunate who were once left on the side of Mount Olympus, get to park right next to the door at K-Mart.

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