How to set up a successful Travel Channel on Youtube

Youtube is the most popular video site on the internet, but with 20 hrs of video being loaded every minute, it is getting harder and harder to get recognised. Below are seven ways to develop a popular youtube travel channel

*Network with other travel channels

Search out other travel video channels on youtube, subscribe to them, add them as friends and even contact them telling them about what you are doing. If they are a partner, they may even feature your channel. Each partner has a branding option that allows them to feature 16 other youtube channels.

*Find an Audience
People who subscribe to other travel channels will most likely be interested in travel videos. Do them a favor and tell them about your channel, send them a message, add them as a friend. Who knows, they might even subscribe to you.

*Get Involved
Youtube is a community – a lot of youtubers visit the site regularly and have favorite channels they follow. Be involved, watch other travel videos, rate them, comment on them and reply to comments on your own videos

*Post regularly
Posting videos at regular intervals helps new people become aware of your channel, it helps place your videos in daily, weekly, monthly statistics such as most viewed, most favorite and most commented. Posting regularly also shows other youtubers you are a serious youtuber and not just a ‘johnny come lately’

*The power of the thumbnailTravelVids Logo
Believe it or not, both your channel icon and video thumbnail can influence views. One of my most popular videos has a thumbnail of a buxom blonde in a bikini and has been viewed over one million times. Go figure! Also, my channel icon leaves no doubt about what viewers will find on my channel.

*Video responses
If you make a video about a particular location, do a video search for this location, find the most viewed video, and post your video as a video response. This can help people looking for information about this location to find your video.

*Cross post to other social network sites
Spread the love; set up a twitter account, a facebook account, a myspace account, a digg account and cross promote your videos. On facebook for example, there is a travel video group where you can embed your videos and maybe increase your exposure to a whole new audience.

So there you go, seven ways to help develop your youtube travel channel. Some youtubers manage to produce a huge viral video hit and become overnight sensations, but for most, developing a following takes time. Support other travel channels, help develop a network. Viewers love travel related content and by supporting each other we help share culture.

Finally I would like to add two videos that sum up, in a humorous ways, how to have a popular youtube channel. The first video is produced by youtube comedian Nalts, and the second, produced by myself.

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