How to make a full time income on Youtube as a partner.

I have now been traveling for a month and the realities of filming and editing on the road are starting to set in. I already have a huge back log of videos to edit from Bali and I realise I need to change my style, doing videos I can turn out very quickly such as my latest video below.

And I think this is the best way to build up to a full time income as a youtube partner, produce a large quantity of videos, quickly.

An example of a traveling youtuber who is achieving this is JCVdude. Ex- Construction workers Joe and Cindy have made 4,950 videos and have had a whopping 88,249,442 views.

The video below tells their interesting story.

Demand Media also use the more is best strategy.

Known as a content farm, they pump out as many as 4,000 videos a day and were making a killing by dominating youtube and google search results with sites like ehow and live strong.

To decide on what videos will get the best results with advertisers, they have devised an algorithm that looks at; the most popular search terms, the most sought after advertising keywords, and the level of competition for these words.

Google recently made changes to it’s search algorithm to try and cut the content farm domination of search. Demand media are said to have taken a 20% hit in their search engine referrals.

Amateurs have also taken a big hit with the changes, popular comedy channel Nalts states his views have dropped 75%!

The question is, can an individual filmmaker follow the ‘content farm’ method, without lowering the quality of their videos, and is it still worth it?

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