Hoi An, Vietnam Travel Video Guide

Hoi An was the most important trading port in South East Asia in the 16th and 17th Century. It traded items like silk, ceramics and spices with China, Japan, Europe, India, and even Arabia.
Then due to certain changes, it sat dormant for 200 years, remaining unchanged, until recently discovered by tourists.
I interviewed Eric Kappeler, a Swiss-born sculptor living in Hoi An.
I also get to see a display of Cham dancing, and visit Marble Mountain, where sculptors have made a vision of hell in the subterranean caves.
More information on Eric’s Sculptors – http://www.capellano.com/
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1 thought on “Hoi An, Vietnam Travel Video Guide

  1. Mark,
    I love the Cham dancer (and not just for her looks) Also got a charge out of your exercise class. Eric had some really nice pieces of art. And while the caves were interesting…I wouldn’t go down there alone…I’d probably wind up getting the heebie jeebies. I figure Hell’s coming soon enough anyways..hahaha! Terrific video my friend.

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