Heading Home after 639 Days on the Road

After 639 days on the Road I am heading back to Australia. Unfortunately my father hasn’t done so well after a major operation, so I have decided to return home.
So after all this time on the road I discuss what I have learnt and give tips for anyone wishing to do the same. I also do two things in this video I would normally never do; I introduce a women I met in Havana and call out someone who made a comment on one of my videos. This is the last bit of filming I did in Havana.

Music: Will Magid – Cuban Swing

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2 thoughts on “Heading Home after 639 Days on the Road

  1. Enjoyed your video, you were clearly speaking from the heart. Sorry to hear about your dad and hope you get to spend some quality time with him.

  2. First off…I hope your dad is doing okay and that you and all of your family are well. Sorry I’m so late in responding to this particular video my friend. As I’ve said in the past…you’re the best in the field of video/travellogues. You’re absolutely top shelf. I’m not just saying that because we’re friends. I’ve watched more than my fair share of travellogues online and I truly believe you are number one at what you do. So I’ll say thanks for bringing me around the world (for free) and letting me be a part of all the beautiful sights and wonderful cultures that you’ve captured with your camera. Take care my friend…I will talk with you soon.

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