The Great Beijing Noodle Scam, Tourists Beware!

While in Beijing I found myself victim to one of the worst Tourist Scams going around – The Beijing Noodle Scam!

Basically locals see Tourists enter a noodle shop and encourage them to eat noodles in the wrong way! They encourage slurping, standing and making a hell of a racket and mess!

This scam has ruined many a shirt and secret cameras film the tourists and feature them on China’s most popular comedy series, ‘Tourist’s Eating Badly’.

The Chinese Government frown on the practise and any local caught fooling a Tourist face hefty prison sentences.

Luckily for me, the Tourist Police had been watching the notorious Aiping for quite a while, and arrested her on leaving the noodle shop.

Last I heard she was serving a 15 year sentence. Apparently my appearance on ‘Tourists Eating Badly’ was very popular. The host commented that I had a natural comedic flair, so in the end I suppose it wasn’t such a bad experience!

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4 thoughts on “The Great Beijing Noodle Scam, Tourists Beware!

  1. I hope that there are self-help groups for the turists that have been mocked by the locals in these noodle shops.

  2. Yes, l should suggest that to the Beijing officials 🙂

  3. That’s using your noodle Mr Shea!

  4. Heh Charles, how are things?

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