Garifuna Cuisine, Dangriga, Belize – Hudut Soup & Fish Fillet, Tomato/Rum Sauce, Cassava Fries

Recently in Dangriga, Belize I met up with Madeline at the Riverside Cafe. I joined her in the kitchen where she taught me some Garifuna recipes.

The Garifuna are descendants of African shipwrecked slaves who interbred with the local Carib and Arawak people of St Vincent. When the British took over St Vincent from the French, the Black Garifuna were exiled and ended up settling all along the Belize, Honduras and Guatemalan coastline.

Madeline prepares Hudut – a fish soup with a coconut milk base which contains okra and green plantain dumplings.

Madeline also prepares the Riverside cafe Specialty dish – Grilled Fish Fillet with Cassava Fries with a unique rum, tomato and soy sauce.

If you are in Dangriga, make sure you drop into the Riverside cafe to sample Garifuna food, maybe the rarest cuisine in the world! Madeline is a great help and source for any local information.

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