Exploring Malaysia

Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur

The sheer number and diversity of attractions on offer make a Malaysian holiday one of the most difficult to plan if time is limited. Choices range from viewing a sunrise atop what was until recently the tallest twin buildings in the world, to trekking through the rainforest and experiencing orangutans in the wild, climbing Mount Kinabalu or exploring the magnificent Batu Caves that have a fascinating and sometimes frightening diversity all their own. In between are breathtaking beaches, bustling bazaars, fun-filled festivals, clubs, pubs and restaurants that make dining an absolute delight. Those who are hypnotised into making numerous return visits are thankfully able to find flights to Malaysia with JetAbroad that keep travelling costs affordable.

Malaysia’s Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur were from 1998 to 2004 the tallest man-made structures in the world. The only down side to the spectacular views afforded from the sky bridge which is situated at mid-level or the observation decks at the top, are the endless queues of people eager to experience the thrill. It is well worth the wait though, but even if you are not one of the lucky 900 visitors allowed up each day, simply seeing these buildings after dark spectacularly ablaze with light will blow away any feelings of disappointment by its sheer majesty. The time spent waiting certainly does not need to be wasted when Chinatown beckons.

Chinatown, and in particular its famed Petaling Street, is a constant hive of almost frantic activity as tourists and locals haggle and struggle and eventually settle on prices that make shopping here a purchaser’s paradise. Hunger pangs will be wakened by the unmistakable aromas of Asian favourites like the traditional hookien mee, as well as the familiar smell of hamburgers that all drift from street stalls aplenty and just as many small restaurants. Everything from fake football shirts to hi-tech appliances can and will be found here and the only dilemma will lie in persuading the shopaholics among you to leave and enjoy some of the other treasures found in Malaysia.

Malaysia holds a different fascination for the adventurous. Attempting to climb Mount Kinabalu will be left to the few who are fit enough. A trek through what is left of the rainforest and the opportunity of getting up close and personal with the resident orang-utans is a truly once-in-a-lifetime memory-maker and seeing the work that is being done to rehabilitate the injured or orphaned among these magnificent creatures serves as a humbling inspiration for all. Then there are the Batu Caves, one of which is said to be home to the rare Trapdoor Spider. I definitely found a walk on one of Malaysia’s idyllic beaches to be far more tempting. Planning a dive beneath its sparkling blue waters also held far more appeal, but whatever your pleasure, it will be more than satisfied by a region rich in its biodiversity and the amazing spirit of its people. To find flights to Malaysia with JetAbroad has never appealed more.

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