Ebay/Paypal Scam, Seller Beware!

I recently tried selling my old laptop on ebay and was victim of a common scam buyers use to take advantage of paypal policy.
Ebay/Paypal are the same company.

In this video I want to discuss two common ebay/paypal scams:

*Buyer requests that you post item to an address different from the one listed on the invoice. Paypal only recognise the address listed on the invoice, so if the buyer cancels payment after you have posted it, you have no protection.

*Buyer claims they have not received the item. For big ticket items is is essential to have tracking id. This protects the seller from unscrupulous buyers who receive the item, but claim it never arrived.

Personally, after my experience, I will never use either ebay or paypal for items over $100. I received no support from either company and ebay have even charged me fees for listing and sale of laptop, despite buyer canceling payment!

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1 thought on “Ebay/Paypal Scam, Seller Beware!

  1. Interesting Mark. I was unaware of a connection between ebay and paypal.
    FYI look at the clip and watch the way you move your hands. . . thought I noticed a middle finger which might have betrayed your annoyance at what happened. LOL

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