Digital Nomadism – The business end of the journey

After six months on the road it is now time to test some international business concepts. I explore setting up an offshore company on Labuan Island, Malaysia and will explore Geo-Arbitrage in the Philippines. Setting up a company on Labuan will reduce my tax bill to 3% fro any income earned outside Australia. Using Geo-Arbitrage in the Philippines will involve using my $AUD income to employ Filipino video editors at a cheaper rate than in Australia.

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2 thoughts on “Digital Nomadism – The business end of the journey

  1. Mark, great video. I know how good the food and the lifestyle is there and it beckons mate, it beckons. I’ve been using a website called for about 6 months and got great results with translation services and web design services. Haven’t tried the video editors as yet cos I still have the Duff man available but will do so in the future.
    I like your two minute profile idea. let’s explore that ? I’ve been filming longer form videos which you can see on
    Keep up the good work. I’m experiencing Asia vicariously through your eyes. Thanks !

  2. will speak soon Dan, odesk sounds interesting

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