Detroit, The USA’s Cheapest Houses

I interviewed Pinky Jones about MUFI, the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative. She had just bought a house in the same North End Detroit neighbourhood as the Urban Farm for $3,000. In this video she takes us for a short tour of the two story, 6 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 kitchen property. Pinky bought her house with her brother at a Detroit City Tax Auction. Detroit City has auctions of vacant homes as a result of tax lien foreclosures, in which homeowners failed to pay their property taxes and other municipal fees. Pinky and her brother are yet to get Utilities and Water connected in their new home. Pinky believes many in Detroit have trouble paying these bills and many go without heating, electricity and water, even through the harsh Michigan winter.

Many Beautiful historic homes are available in Detroit for very cheap prices. Many DIYers buy houses and surrounding vacant blocks to grow urban veggie gardens. Detroit is becoming quite a hub for young artists, attracted by the cheap rents and properties, and the unique post industrial landscape.

For more information on buying houses in Detroit at tax auctions

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