Dalat Easy Rider Motorcycle Tour, Vietnam Travel Guide

The hill village of Dalat is a temperate tourist escape from the tropical heat of the rest of Vietnam. The most common tourist activity in Dalat is to take an Easy Rider guided motorcycle of the surrounding countryside. I take a tour and visit a silk worm farm, a waterfall, watch traditional weaving, and visit a rural blacksmith who offers me a homemade alcoholic brew made of rice and reptile animal parts! For lunch we visit a local diner where we learn how Pho, beef noodle soup, is prepared.
English/Vietnamese language.
Translation – Vu Khac Hao
Music – *Discovery Sound loops


4 thoughts on “Dalat Easy Rider Motorcycle Tour, Vietnam Travel Guide

  1. Love the vid!!! You remind me why I thrive on the excitement of travel ! Vietnam has always been on my list … Will Do now. Thanks for the snake wine tip… 🙂 As a female adventurer hard ons and squirts not a good look….

    When can we see more of your good work overlander ? ?????????

  2. Okay, that made me laugh, and glad I hung on to the end with the captions!

  3. That’s Mr Hai( Ocean) -a Motorbike Easyrider tour guide took Mark Shea for 4 years ago.Thanks Mark for taking videos about the special tour around countryside.
    Never Try – Never Know – Just Do it !
    Hp: 0909267090
    facebook: mr_oceans11dalat@yahoo.com

  4. Thank you for video.

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