Crestone, Colorado – America’s Spiritual Place of Heart

The mountains around Crestone, Colorado are considered one of the most sacred place on the North American continent by the native American Indians.

Hanne Strong moved there with her husband in the late 1970’s. An old man, locals called the Prophet, approached her and said he had a vision that she was ‘chosen’ to set up a centre for the word’s spiritual traditions and that the centre would teach people how to evolve and live with nature.

Through a twist of fate, a failed real estate venture prepared the area for habitation with roadworks, electricity and water put in along the mountain range.

Hanne established the Manitou Foundation with the help of some wealthy benefactors and started giving away land grants to various spiritual, educational, and environmental groups.

Manitou has since established the largest intentional, interfaith, and ecumenical retreat center and sustainable teaching community in North America having granted over 2000 acres of land.

Approximately twenty thousand retreatants visiting each year, seeking to develop inner peace and balance with oneself and nature.

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  1. Man, these are the people you meet traveling … it’s why I don’t forsee myself stopping anytime soon!

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