Cleveland Cyclewerks – Review of their motorcycle range

Today I got to ride Cleveland Cyclewerks complete range of motorcycles. I give a brief review of my experience of each bike: The Hooligan 450R, tha Heist, tha Misfit and the Ace. The Hooligan was probably the bike I would most likely buy, it would be a great lightweight bike, on road and off. Tha Heist is the cruising bike, the poor man’s harley, a tonne of cool but a little getting use to with the hard tail. Tha Misfit I rode was stock standard, it felt solid and safe, a great base on which to start a custom project. But my favourite for the day was the custom racetrack Ace. It had a tonne of low down grunt, had an easy riding position and put a huge grin on my face, riding the unmaintained Cleveland city streets.

Cleveland Cyclewerks have a bike for everyone! Cheap, affordable and solidly built. Today they won a new Aussie fan!

Ethics Statement: Cleveland did not pay me for this video or this review. They did let me test their bikes and gave me a t-shirt. As I said in the video, the best fun I’ve had in 2 months travel!

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