Chungking Mansions – Globalization in Action

I really like Hong Kong. It is like the new capital of the world. If you want to do business with China, come to Hong Kong. And I’ve been staying at a Mansion, not your normal idea of a Mansion. This place is Chungking Mansion, it’s the cheapest place to stay in Hong Kong. It’s 5 towers of 17 floors. There are 2,000 rooms, the size of prison cells. But it is an amazing place! They say that in a year, 120 different nationalities stay in this 1961 built firetrap!

This is globalisation in action as Time magazine said! You have people coming with suitcases, coming with stuff from their own countries, leaving with stuff from China, it’s an amazing place. Let’s go have a look.

In Chungking Mansions, there are a couple of stories, of just little shops where you can pretty much buy anything. And apparently 20% of mobile phones that end up in Sub-Sahara Africa are bought here! So it is a real centre for world trade.

One of the interesting things to do in Chungking is just to get the lift! You can be in the lift with people from all round the world. I’ve met people from countries that I’ve never met people from before, places in Africa I’ve never heard of!

There are about 4,000 people who sleep in Chungking Mansion on a nightly basis. But during the day, there can be 10,000 people visiting just for the shopping.

The other great thing about Chungking Mansions is that it is the best place in Hong Kong to get Indian Food. There are all these little stores where you can get good cheap Indian Food.

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