Christchurch, Top 5 Things to do for Tourists and Locals

Top5Tour handpicks the best to EAT, DRINK, SLEEP, DO and SHOP at each location we visit.

To see extended interviews with the passionate people behind each business –

EAT – Simon from Inati

DRINK – Nick from OGB

SLEEP – Nisha from Ecovilla

DO – K.T. from Christchurch Sea Kayaking

SHOP – Deric from The Tannery

Our selections for Christchurch, New Zealand are:
EAT – Inati Restaurant
SLEEP – Ecovilla
DO – Christchurch Sea Kayaking
SHOP – The Tannery

Nice to finally complete something that was just an idea in my head, to translate it into video. Took a bit more work than I was expecting, but will know better for the next one.As many of you would know I was one of the original travel vloggers on youtube, traveling full time 2011-2012. This new concept is a push against changes I’ve seen in the youtube travel space since the rise of daily vloggers in 2013.

Anyone can travel now and I wanted to make video guides that concisely show travelers the best of each location I visit. I wanted to go back to the purest form of communication we use – conversation. To just record a live interview and capture the passion of the creators – the chefs, the tour operators, the bar owners, the hoteliers, the shop owners.

Love to know your thoughts on the concept. Feel free to comment below.

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