ChristChurch Burlesque Dancing, New Zealand Travel Video

Christchurch has recently been in the news with regard to being the site of three damaging earthquakes. I film just after the September 4th 2010 quake and there is still some signs of damage to buildings around the CBD.

Christchurch was founded as a planned Church of England religious settlement. In 1850 four boatloads of pilgrims arrived with aspirations of creating a city built around a central Cathedral and College.

It seems the pilgrims wanted to create a little piece of England in Christchurch. Down by the Avon River one can find Oaks and Chestnuts, and even partake in the very English pursuit of punting.

My punter happened to be an English gap year student. I asked him what he found to be the main difference between Christchurch and mother England.

I was in Christchurch on a Wednesday night and wanted to check out the nightlife.
I happened to find a venue that was running a Burlesque competition.
Being a bit cheeky, I thought what better way to explore a city founded on puritan religious values, than to feature tassles and lingerie.

I interview Burlesque performers Ruby Ruin and Nancy Nightshade. For more information on Christchurch’s Burlesque scene:

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