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Wheeled Backpack Review, Best of Both Worlds

I look for two things in a backpack, durability and design, and I have found Australian Company, Caribee come up spades in both areas. I recently got a new backpack, the Caribee Skymaster 80. I needed something that both had wheels and backpack straps. My previous pack was a Caribee purchased in 2003 and still […]

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To make it easier to find and view’s videos, from now on we will not only be dividing videos into sections based on country, but also based on themes. Below are a list of some of the themes we will be using, along with video examples: Video Destination Guides – Videos featuring cities or […]

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Korean BBQ – No Carb Caveman Weight Loss Diet

Cook-it-yourself Korean BBQ is my favourite aspect of Korean Cuisine. Samuel Jeffery of and I share a BBQ and explain how it follows the no carbs Paleolithic or Caveman diet, that is encompassing foods similar to that of what cavemen ate before humans started farming. The Caveman diet doesn’t include grains and is suppose […]

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Australia Travel and Tour – Nimbin

[p2p type=”slug” value=”australia-travel-and-tour-a-song-for-backpackers” text=”Next – A song for Backpackers”] In Nimbin, the alternative capital of Australia, Mark interviews Michael Balderstone about what makes Nimbin so unique.

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Cairns, Australia, Travel Video Guide

In Cairns I interviewed Peter Stokes from Cairns Dive Centre. Peter has been involved in the dive industry for the last 15 years. We discussed why Cairns is such a dive mecca. Fantastic underwater shots courtesy of Nembrotha Diving. I also took in a night out at well known backpacker party place, ‘the Woolshed’ and […]

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