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Interview with Mark Shea about his film, The Way – Spiritual Journey along the Camino de Santiago.

Thank you for your time Mark, can I first ask you why you decided to walk the Camino? I first heard about the Camino in Paulo Coelho’s book, The Pilgrimage. I was fascinated by the history and mysticism mentioned in Paulo’s book, and started doing my own research with regard to the belief that the […]

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The Way – Camino de Santiago Film

The 2nd preview of the new film by about the Way of St. James in Northern Spain. The camino is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done, but this doesn’t mean it was easy. In this preview, the rain, the early morning wakeups, the constant walking, got the better of me, […]

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The Way – New Film on the Way of St. James

The Way of Saint James (El Camino de Santiago de Compostela) First of three previews. Film released on the 28th of October. FIVE WEEKS TO GO!! The Way is a new film by that documents filmmaker Mark Shea’s journey along the ancient Spanish pilgrimage route, the Way of Saint James ( El Camino de […]

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The Way – One man’s spiritual journey along the Way of Saint James

Click to Play The Camino was the hardest and most amazing thing I have ever done. Where do I start? -The history of the place is unbelievable…one night I stayed in a 12th century Refugio. The way even predates Christianity as it was used by The Celts following the Milky Way -The people, I met […]

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