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South East Asia Travel Video Adventure, The Nomadic Lifestyle

If you were a digital nomad, what would you miss most about home? I’m taking a six week break in South Korea to catch up on nine months of editing. I have amazing footage from all over South East Asia. Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea. Why South Korea and […]

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Digital Nomadism – The business end of the journey

After six months on the road it is now time to test some international business concepts. I explore setting up an offshore company on Labuan Island, Malaysia and will explore Geo-Arbitrage in the Philippines. Setting up a company on Labuan will reduce my tax bill to 3% fro any income earned outside Australia. Using Geo-Arbitrage […]

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Labuan Island, Malaysia. Setting up an International Company

I speak with Peter Searle from about why Labuan Island, Malaysia is one of the best places in the world to set up an international company. Labuan Island is an International Business and Financial Centre. It has numerous double tax agreements with countries such as Australia and provides benefits to international business including ‘3% […]

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