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Creativity and Storytelling in Filmmaking

When digital video cameras became affordable in the mid 1990’s, I came across a book by filmmaker Robert Rodriguez which featured a segment called ’10 minute Film School’ He suggested learn how to do everything – script writing, camera, editing, the works. I liked the idea so I bought a video camera and started shooting […]

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Travel Tips – How to film in public and not get robbed!

In this short article I wish to give travelers and filmmakers, four tips on how to get fantastic video footage in public places, and how to avoid unpleasant situations like robbery. To do this I will use video examples I have filmed at various locations around the world. Tip One – Look like a Boss! […]

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What makes a great short film? Four ways to make your stories shine!

What makes a great short film? I recently thought about three of my favourite short films and decided to dissect the reasons why they work so well. The reason I decided to do this is because I’m currently writing up the curriculum for two online courses I am creating. I want to break down how […]

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