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The world’s last tent boxing troupe, in outback Queensland, Australia

The Last Outback Boxing Troupe – Fight Night

Fred Brophy’s Boxing Troupe is the last tent operating in the world. Before the early 1970’s, Traveling Boxing Tents were part of the regular landscape at most country shows. The tents have such a long tradition in Australia, that in some towns, a young man will fight in the tent, watched proudly by their grandfather […]

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The Last Outback Boxing Troupe – The Tent Boxer

‘Cowboy’ Blair Wilson is a tent boxing legend. He gave away a promising professional boxing career to live the ramblin’ life of a tent boxer. For twelve years Cowboy has fought in the tent (most of his adult life) and has never once been defeated. A tent boxer doesn’t only have to be handy with […]

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The Last Outback Boxing Troupe – The Last of the Showmen

Fred Brophy is the World's Last Tent Boxing Showman, the son of a sideshow operator and a trapeze artist, he is fourth generation carny folk. Before television and radio, there was a strong outback tradition of storytelling. Around the campfires at night people would spin their yarns, never letting truth get in the way of […]

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The Last Outback Boxing Troupe – The Ghost Town Pub

Filmmaker Mark Shea wanted to see the World's Last Tent Boxing Sideshow. His quest took him to Outback Queensland where he found Tent Boxing Showman, Fred Brophy running a hotel in a Ghost Town. Join Mark as he explores the Australian Tent Boxing Tradition. Episode One – The Ghost Town Pub Fred Brophy's wife, Sandi, […]

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