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Learn about what tourism activities one can do around the Ararat Region.

All the people featured in this video, including hosts Jarrod and Karina live in the region.

Featured in this video are: The Gum San Chinese Heritage Centre, Jward, Lake Bolac Eel Festival, Neil Murray, Grampians Lavender Patch, Vines Cafe, Langi Ghiran Winery, Jillian Wines, Blaze Rock Retreat, Moyston Tom Wills Monument, Chalambar Golf Club and Grampians Soaring Club.

Thank you to David Nicholson for providing footage of the Lake Bolac Eel Festival.

Returning Home – A Story of Ararat 4

The Bush Spirit
Aussies in the Bush are an ingenious bunch, making the most of every opportunity. Without rural entrepreneurs many country towns would lose their lifeblood.

Mark Shea looked at three success stories ranging from manufacturing to farming.

Returning Home – A Story of Ararat 3

The Turnaround

Mark Shea returned to Ararat after living away for fifteen years and was amazed at the turnaround in the Town after the crushing blow of industry shutdown.

Through community spirit the Town has managed to find new ways to continue and thrive.

Tourism and Training are two initiatives that have helped put the Township back on its feet.

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Returning Home – A Story of Ararat 2

Death of a country town

After the Gold Rush, Ararat became a farming district and very much a government town, housing a Mental Asylum, Prison and acting as a railway hub, with lines stretching out in five different directions. Ararat also developed quite a manufacturing industry, particularly with regard to textiles.

In the early 1990’s the closure of many of the Government institutions such as the Psychiatric Hospital and the Railways, together with a downturn in manufacturing lead to huge job losses.

The population of the town shrank by ten percent over a five-year period.

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Returning Home – A Story of Ararat

Returning Home is a series of four short Flash format documentaries about the changing fortunes of Ararat, a small rural town in the Western District of Victoria.

Like the Ark – Part One

Ararat is the town of Mark Shea’s youth, where his Irish ancestors settled five generations ago as farmers. Ararat was founded by gold prospecting Chinese in 1857. Trekking overland from South Australia the Chinese discovered the Canton Lead, the world’s richest shallow alluvial goldfield.

The goldrush that followed was one of the biggest Australia has seen, with estimates of between 30,000 and 50,000 people living on the Ararat Goldfields within a couple of months

To understand Ararat’s place in the world, one must first know its history.

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