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The Apocalyptic Equatorial Visions of Dr. Overlander Esq.

Do subliminal messages work? What do you feel after watching this 18 sec assault on your senses? Featuring all the imagery tricks of advertising; sex, war, death and beauty. Dr. Overlander lets loose from his secret bunker in the tropics, sending you 1 frame messages of Christmas cheer and good will. Music – Careful with […]

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Branded Travel Video Content – The best online marketing solution

Branded content (where the marketing is not “heavy handed” and is “almost a bi-product”) is the most effective form of online marketing according to a October 2010 report by the CMO Council. The future of branded content by goviral in Cannes 2010 Most people are not aware that travel programs on television almost exclusively feature […]

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Online Travel Video Production and Advertising Opportunity in Australia

Youtube is the 500 pound Gorilla of online video. So it makes sense that it is also the place to put videos about your tourism business or region. As youtube is owned by google, there is the added bonus that youtube videos rank very highly in google search. Click To Play My time on youtube […]

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Promote your Australian Tourism Business with Video

Australian Travel Videos is one of youtube’s most viewed and most subscribed travel channels An exciting opportunity now exists for Australian tourism businesses, whereby they can sponsor one of our location videos, featuring Australia’s top tourist destinations. This entails your business being mentioned in the video itself, and a exclusive link provided to your […]

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