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Business Profile Videos – How to phone business

Making that first contact with business. When contacting business with regard to the production of a profile video, it is important to speak with the right person, the person who makes the decisions with regard to marketing. Once contact details of the marketing managers have been received further information can then be sent via email. […]

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Business Profile Videos, Contacting Business

In this educational video we discuss the important points one must get across when contacting business with regard to the production of an online business profile video.

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How to do business profile videos – finding clients

Working locally with video producer Raj of Ipoh, Malaysia. We assess which local business to approach with regard to producing a business profile video.

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How to make a Business Profile Video – Working out a Local Price

With the help and local knowledge of Raj, an Ipoh based Video Producer, we work out an approximate local price for producing a business profile video in Malaysia. 2minprofile website 2minprofile Facebook group 2minprofile youtube 2minprofile vimeo 2minprofile twitter

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How to make successful business profile videos – meeting the clients

Mark Shea of reveals the 11 secret herbs and spices needed to make a good online business profile video. In this video, the 2nd in a series, Mark discusses with video producer Raj, from Ipoh, Malaysia, what needs to be asked in a meeting with a client. He also discusses the 2minprofile online video […]

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The best way to do an online video business profile – the 2minprofile method

A new way to produce online business profile videos, using a tried and tested method – ‘2minprofile’ I’ve had great success producing business profile videos and believe I have cracked the code with regard to what works online. I believe 2 minutes is all that is needed. In this two minutes I believe all a […]

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