Caribbean Luxury Hotel Comedy Spoof

“Looking for that special place for your Caribbean getaway
Try the Henry Berrisford, Livingston
The last word in luxury
ocean front views
a refreshing dip maybe
we are an art hotel, and each room features it own paintings
security has recently been enhanced
and you love our body hugging posteurpedic beds
the perfect place to meet some locals
our showers feature the latest in alpine massage technology
and each room is fitted with a cooling device that defies gravity
so come on, check it out baby
wander the grounds, feel free to explore
you’ll never know what you’ll find
get social at our singles lounge
or visit our happening cocktail bar
failed marriage, bankrupt or just plain depressed
Henry Berrisford is the place for you
we understand your misery, baby”

The Hotel Henry Berrisford, Livingston, Guatemala is currently undergoing renovations and I am it’s only guest.

The grand old dame is looking rather glum and I thought I’d have a bit of fun by making a comedy spoof promotional video.

Please note I did not get bedbugs at the Henry Berrisford. Those bites on my feet were from sand flies. The baby I found in the room was the cleaners and was just having a little nap while she cleaned.

I’m sure once renovations are complete, this majestic old Hotel will be returned to it’s former glory.

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3 thoughts on “Caribbean Luxury Hotel Comedy Spoof

  1. “defies gravity, baby!” Great stuff Mark. Reminds me of my shooting trip in Baja! Hotels there were, um, rustic.

  2. Hey, I think I’ve been to that “Singles Lounge”. And I know for a fact that I’ve spent time in that “happening cocktail bar”…or at least a few that look just like it. Failed marriage, bankrupt or just plain depressed…Mark, I’ve watched this thing half a dozen times and I’m still laughing. Great job my friend.

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