Camino de Santiago Film available on Youtube. has decided to put their entire Camino de Santiago Film on Youtube. The program will be divided into shorter videos following Mark Shea’s journey along the ancient pilgrimage route. Mark wished to explore the spiritual affect the Camino (Way of St. James) has on pilgrims, by walking the French Way alone and documenting his own personal experiences.
The resulting film is an honest and joyous portrayal of the transformative nature of this ancient practice.

The entire film will still be available here

The playlist for all the videos can be found on youtube or viewed below.

Journeys of the

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Mark Shea is a video producer and trainer and specializes in documentary and travel/tourism related content. His youtube channel is one of youtube’s most successful travel partner channels.
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  1. Dear Mark
    Have shared your film with many friends. They have been touched and some have been moved to walk the Camino which was what I had hoped for. I have walked it three times.
    Austin Repath

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