Bushwalking with the Overlander

Experiments in style and form. Can a man talk for 13 minutes on a bush walk, and still maintain an audience?

2 thoughts on “Bushwalking with the Overlander

  1. The answer is “no”; it’s not too much talking. I wish you’d do more like this. Like The Way, your extemporaneous monologues about yourself, your self-discoveries and your journeys are at least as important as the filming and editing. Foremost, it’s you that we come to see and not, always, what you’re filming. You’re the central character in all your films and your “character development” keeps us coming back. Keep it up.

    I agree with you about rebel-punk filmmaking: if the trend is toward high-res digital, time-lapse, saturated-colour filming then, for God’s sake, shake your camera all over the trail, keep talking and edit less. You’re doing fine work and I enjoy watching the changes in your filmmaking and especially in you. Thank you for sharing your journey (in all its aspects) with us.

  2. Mick, you are a gentleman and a scholar. Thanks for the support

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