Best Tour on Ulva Island Bird Sanctuary- Ulva’s Guided Walks

Ulva Island is a predator free bird sanctuary off Stewart Island in the deep south of New Zealand.

Ulva’s Guided Walks was established by Ulva Goodwillie in 2000, fulfilling a need for visitors to have a guide show them around Ulva Island Bird Sanctuary.

Ulva Goodwillie was named after Ulva Island and is a direct descendant of the first Maori peoples of Stewart Island. She and her team of local guides are passionate and knowledgeable about this special place. Join them for a unique experience, learning about native flora and fauna, from a Maori and local Stewart Island perspective.

Ulva’s Guided Walks offer a range of bird watching and botanical experiences for you to enjoy, from a half day amble to a full day (or two days!) serious bird watching.

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