Belize Bitters – Natural Herbal Remedy – Belize City

While in Belize City I ran into John, who ran a small roadside stall selling herbal remedies from the Belizean Jungle. John showed me a staple of Belizean natural medicine, bitters. The bitters are made from 21 varieties of jungle roots and are used to cleanse the body, cleanse the blood. The bitters can be mixed with alcohol or water.

John also showed me the Talla Walla Root, which is taken to rid the body of kidney and bladder stones.

All over Belize you see stalls selling these traditional herbal remedies.

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2 thoughts on “Belize Bitters – Natural Herbal Remedy – Belize City

  1. Do you have the list of the herbs used?

  2. no sorry, just the info in the video

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