Bay of Islands, New Zealand, Travel Video Guide

The Bay of islands is a aquatic paradise made up of some 150 islands. I take to the water, going on a fishing trip and swimming with Dolphins. I also learn about Maori culture, getting an insight into why the Waitangi Heritage site is afraid of the scourge of Tourism, and what Maori Tattoos and the Hongi Greeting represent.
I took the swimming with dolphins tour with Explore NZ
I took the fishing trip with The Arline Experience.
Throughout New Zealand I traveled using NakedBus

2 thoughts on “Bay of Islands, New Zealand, Travel Video Guide

  1. Mark,
    As usual, another terrific vid. Those orange/pink fish looked like they’d be good eatin’. Too bad about the Waitangi Heritage Center, that would have been one very interesting story. The Maori gentlemen, Tony and Papa, seemed like a couple of nice blokes. I liked the fact that Tony told of how the touching of the noses represented the “drawing in of the breath of the spirit” and the “joining of the life before, the life after and the life now”….very cool. I always enjoy the videos you put together my friend and this one was another home run. Your work has always been top shelf. As an aside…real sharp cap and tee in a couple of those shots. hahaha.

  2. Hi Dan
    The orange/pink fish are called Snapper and are very good eating. I told you I would re pre sent Boston 🙂

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