Australia Motorcycle Camping – Journey to the West Ep23

Innovation Nation, remote control tourist and the poor disadvantaged youth of Northcliffe West Australia. One small thing Australia can do to ensure it’s youth can compete on the world stage!

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3 thoughts on “Australia Motorcycle Camping – Journey to the West Ep23

  1. Enjoying all but sharing sharing sharing this one.

  2. thanks Isabel

  3. Great video by Mark Shea – and on point. As ever, the distribution of resources by bureaucrats is politicised and poorly researched, whether for innovation, development or research. Once the tide goes out their programmes are left standing in the water, exposed as naked swimmers.

    As someone who grew up in the Third World and lived in the UK for 15 years it was a real let-down to experience Australia’s internet service. Laughably slow, expensive, and monopolistic (like most big retail business here). Telstra would be laughed out of town within 10 minutes in a competitive overseas market. As for our bureaucrats & politicians, I can’t bring myself to tick the box against any main political party. I’m voting for Gary The Goat when he gets his party up and running – sound principles based on turning away from the problems which got us all into this fine mess. Sorry, I’m digressing. As you were…

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