Australia Motorcycle Adventure – Journey to the West Ep25

Romance on the road, the Nimbin of the West and a chance meeting with a street artist in Fremantle and how to do justice to your talent!

This video will not be released on youtube. It will only be available via Why is it not free? Please watch the video to find out!

Length: 8 mins

8 thoughts on “Australia Motorcycle Adventure – Journey to the West Ep25

  1. You need Paypal as a payment option Mark, much easier for lazy people like me to hand over the dollars, instead of typing all the credit card numbers (however I have made an effort exception in this case) 🙂

  2. Thanks Andy, Just added paypal. Thanks for the suggestion. Hope you enjoy the new episode

  3. Makes me want to take to the road! I loved the combined use of stills and video..but the daggy dancing takes the cake and made me laugh. (Evelyn showed it to me, Mandy )

  4. Thanks Mandy

  5. Ahhhh, I like your happy videos, scenery and interesting people…. Btw, the Monk was right X

  6. Mark, thanks for the episodes so far. But just like your attitude to $40 for camping on a patch of dirt in a caravan park when camping in the bush is free, I think $3.99 an episode to watch your motorcycle adventures is a bit much for me when I can have my own adventures and experience them for free. Wish you well on the road mate. Stay safe and have fun.

  7. is this series over at @ 25

  8. On the road Doug. Will get some time to edit in July for 2 weeks rec in Broome

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